Awards Banquet 2013

Seattle AWIS Inaugural Award Banquet 2013

Recognizing our inaugural winner for the Seattle AWIS Award for Scientific Advancement, the 2013 Undergraduate Scholarship Winners, and some of our esteemed long term members of Seattle AWIS

2013 marked the inaugural year for the Seattle AWIS Awards. We were pleased to receive nominations for many highly qualified candidates and through careful selection we awarded Dr. Sheila Lukeheart with the first ever Award for Scientific Advancement presented by Seattle AWIS.

Sheila Lukehart, professor of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Medicine and Global health at the University of Washington, was honored at the Banquet for her outstanding contributions to science. The Lukehart laboratory studies the pathogenesis of Treponema pallidum, vaccine development for syphilis, and immune response to Treponema in animal models and humans, including clinical aspects of the disease.

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