Group Mentoring

Group Mentoring Program

Looking to build your network or find your first job?
Thinking about a career change or retirement?
Need tips to balance work and family?

Then get advice from experienced scientists by joining the Association for Women* In Science (AWIS) Group Mentoring Program.
(*you do not need to be a woman to join)

What is an AWIS Group Mentoring Program?
A Mentoring Group is a party of 5-7 scientists committed to meeting monthly to support one another with advice, encouragement, and information. Each group will be coordinated and fostered by at least one experienced mentor.

Who will be in my group?
The Seattle AWIS mentoring committee will review submitted surveys and match you with a group based on your interests and career goals.

We are currently planning three general areas for the groups:

  • Early career group: finding your first job, building a network early, identifying a mentor in your field.
  • Mid-career transition group: career change, balancing family responsibility, maintaining your enthusiasm/drive.
  • Late career group: moving gracefully into retirement, what do the next steps look like?

How do I join the Seattle AWIS Group Mentoring Program?
– Interested in mentoring? Email the mentoring committee.
– To join a mentoring group you must apply online by filling out the form linked below.
– You must be a Seattle AWIS chapter member or pay a $20 fee* to join the mentoring groups (for mentees only).
*Mentoring fee should not be paid until you receive confirmation that you have been placed into a group.

Space is limited!
Deadline is October 1, 2017.
To register, please fill out this application form.

For more information, contact