Group Mentoring

Group Mentoring Program

“Group Mentoring provided me with constructive and professional advice and taught me the skills to manage work situations and helped me to think through my scientific career goals”

Need career advice? Need tips to balance work and family? Get advice from established women in science by joining our Group Mentoring Program!

For more information see our awis-mentoring-recruiting-flier.

The application and deadline for joining the 2016-2017 group mentoring program is October 1, 2016. Please fill out the application here to join.

What is an AWIS Group Mentoring Program?
A Mentoring Group is a party of 5-7 women in science committed to meeting monthly to provide one another with advice, encouragement and information. Group discussions will be facilitate by an experienced mentor. Peer mentoring between  mentees will also be strongly encouraged.

Who will be in my group?
The Seattle AWIS mentoring committee will review submitted surveys and match you with a group based on interest, career goals, geography and other factors.

What will we talk about? Are we just going to sit around and complain?
The mentoring group is focused on career growth and problem solving in a supportive and fun environment. Seattle AWIS will provide you with a source of ideas and articles to help start conversation. All participants should be willing to give and get professional and personal support from other talented women in the scientific community. Mentors will help guide and promote productive discussions in the group.

How do I join the Seattle AWIS Group Mentoring Program?
– You must be a Seattle AWIS chapter member or pay a $20 group mentoring fee (via the Paypal button below) to participate. Please note that the mentoring fee should not be paid unless you receive confirmation that you have been placed into a group.
– You must apply to the program online by filling out the form linked above by October 1st.