P4 Medicine and Scientific Wellness

Today, the American healthcare system focuses almost entirely on diagnosing and treating disease. The Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) and Arivale have a new vision that is focused on keeping people well and preventing their transitions into disease states. This vision has been enabled by the convergence of systems biology, big data, analytics and consumer engagement. Central to this vision is personal, dense, dynamic, data (PD3) clouds, which enable novel insights into transitions from wellness to disease, new approaches to biomarker discovery, and the empowerment of individuals to enhance their own health. This approach represents the foundation for the launch of a new industry – Scientific Wellness®.

Our panelists:

Jennifer Lovejoy, PhD – Chief Translational Science Officer- Arivale, Inc.; Affiliate Faculty – Institute for Systems Biology; Adjunct Faculty – University of Washington

Nathan Price, PhD – Professor & Associate Director – Institute for Systems Biology; Co-Founder – Arivale, Inc.; Affiliate Faculty – Departments of Bioengineering, Computer Science & Engineering and Molecular & Cellular Biology