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Become a Member of AWIS at the Local Seattle Chapter and National Level

Membership Levels and Annual Dues

Seattle Area Chapter

  • Student Membership – Chapter Only $20.00 (National AWIS Membership not required)
  • General (non-student) Chapter Membership $20.00 (National AWIS Membership also required)

National AWIS:

  • Junior Membership (for students, professionals transitioning employment or retirees) $65
  • Professional Membership $150
  • Sustaining Membership $250
  • Patron Membership $500

Membership Benefits

Seattle AWIS creates a welcoming environment for women in all fields of science and at all education and career levels. We are dedicated to advancing the careers of women in science and technology and to promoting the participation of girls in STEM.

We encourage you to become a Seattle Area Chapter member to support your local STEM community, and receive opportunities such as joining a local peer mentoring group and providing input into our regular community events.

The national AWIS organization provides a community website at, and access to various resources including

  • Online Member Portal: engage in constructive conversation with members, allies, and thought leaders.
  • Membership Directory: connect with AWIS members worldwide.
  • Washington Wire: stay informed on trends, opportunities, and events with our twice monthly e-news digest.
  • AWIS Magazine: follow the recognition and record of women’s contributions to the STEM enterprise and their impact on society.
  • AWIS Webinars: access free on-demand learning and development programs.
  • AWIS Event Calendar: register for local and national events.

They also sell AWIS branded merchandise!

To join:

  1. Submit an online membership application
  2. Pay chapter dues
    • by check – $20 mailed to Seattle AWIS Treasurer, 4706 33rd Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105 after completing the online membership form
    • or pay online through PayPal (approx. $20.75 with service fee)
      • student:

      • general:

  3. join the National AWIS group at [not required for student members]

If you have questions, contact