10th Annual Galileo Dialogues “Time and Time Again, Part II”

Seattle AWIS and Seattle University, Department of Physics
In collaboration with Infinity Box Theatre Project presents Galileo Dialogs.
Join us for an evening of science and society, rediscovering Galileo’s story and its influence on the relationship between science and culture, in the context of his time and ours.

This from playwright Natalie Copeland about Part Two:

“When we last left Mouse and Cedar in their mountain forest, they had just finished sharing stories about sundials, wolves, the role of music in the measurement of time, differing perceptions of the passage of time in a lifespan, equivalent measurements, the speed of light, and the beginning of time itself.

Part Two will pick up where we left off, and take us on some new journeys concerning much smaller and stranger aspects of time.”

A conversation with the audience, playwright, and Seattle U faculty will follow the reading.

In addition to our usual partner, the Seattle University Physics Dept., this year we are pleased to again have the partnership of the Association for Women in Science. AIWS champions the interests of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Tiny mouse

Location: Seattle University Casey Commons, top floor of the Casey Building
Time: Reception and networking – 7 pm; staged reading – 7:30 pm
Cost: Free! (But we will ask for donations for our actors, director and playwright)
Campus Map HERE: (Casey Building is in Square D 1)

Download the flyer.