2020 AWIS Scholarship recipients

Screen capture from a zoom meeting for the AWIS 2020 scholarship awardees. The awardees can be seen on camera on the right, and slides are shared on the left with information about the awards.

Ada Delacruz
Ammara Touch
Beth Gebre
Cassidy Sebastian
Emily Robinson
Eva Alleman
Juliana Covarrubias

Madeline Bruner
Manuela Dorado Novoa
Mikaela Schlesinger
Nguyen Nhu
Sofia Carriera
Valentina Machalina
Vanessa Begazo

2019 AWIS Scholarship recipients

2019 Seattle AWIS undergraduate scholarship recipients and Scholarship Committee co-chairs.
L to R: Hannah Redden, Hang Mai, Kayla Eschenbacher, Tina Rajabi, Fran Solomon (center, Scholarship Committee Co-chair), Melissa Conerly (Scholarship Committee Co-chair), Tracy Pennell, Susan Schowalter, Brianna Christiansen

Kayla Eschenbacher                          
Conerly Family Patricia Virgadamo Mem. Scholarship
University of Washington | Senior | Neuroscience

Susan Schowalter                              
Conerly Family Patricia Virgadamo Mem. ScholarshipPacific
Lutheran University | Senior | Biology

Tina Rajabi
Battelle Scholarship
University of Washington | Senior | Math

Mikaela Schlesinger                         
Battelle Scholarship
Gonzaga University | Junior | Biology (Honors Program)

Hang Mai                                            
Smith-Hamrick Scholarship
University of Washington | Junior | Electrical Engineering

Hannah (Hyae Won) Redden            
Thompson-Branum Scholarship
University of Washington | Senior | Bioengineering and Biochemistry

Tracy Pennell                                      
Leon and Emma Solomon Memorial Scholarship
University of Washington | Senior | Civil and Environmental Engineering

Brianna Christiansen                         
Pearson Family Follow Your Dreams Scholarship
Seattle Pacific University | Senior | Electrical Engineering

Camille Zaug                                      
Gilbert-Camp Scholarship
Seattle University | Senior | Math and Physics

Beth Gebre                                         
Pay It Forward Scholarship
Seattle Pacific University | Junior | Physiology

Thank you to the 2019 Scholarship Donors:

Battelle         Conerly Family   

Veronica Smith & Natalie Hamrick            Fran Solomon

 Carol Thompson & Mark Branum              Lauren Ryan

Steve Gilbert & Janice Camp                      Pearson Family

AWIS Members and Supporters

2018 AWIS Scholarship recipients

At the AWIS Banquet on June 14th, ten young women were introduced as recipients of the 2018 Seattle AWIS Scholarships. The scholarship fund donors were on hand to present the scholarship awards.

  • Tracie Barry (University of Washington, Tacoma | Senior | Environmental Science) – Battelle Scholarship
  • Heather Bergey (Seattle University | Junior | Math) – AWIS Members Scholarship
  • Zaya Delgerjargal (University of Washington, Seattle | Senior| Environmental Studies and Economics) – Gilbert-Camp Scholarship
  • Katie Hearther (University of Washington, Seattle | Junior| Oceanography) – Leon & Emma Solomon Scholarship
  • Miwako Ito (University of Washington, Seattle | Junior | Chemical Engineering) – Smith-Hamrick Scholarship
  • Mireya Jimenez-Magana (Gonzaga University | Junior | Biology) – Battelle Scholarship
  • Grace Sullivan (University of Puget Sound | Senior | Molecular & Cellular Biology) – Bristol-Myers Squibb Scholarship    
  • Miranda Taggart (Seattle University | Junior | Biochemistry) – AWIS Members Scholarship
  • Katelyn Tozer (University of Washington, Tacoma | Senior | Biomedical Science) – Patricia Virgadamo Memorial Scholarship    
  • Camille Zaug (Seattle University | Junior | Math and Physics) – Pearson Family Follow Your Dreams Scholarship

The Seattle AWIS Scholarship program began in 1991 and has been awarding scholarships annually to undergraduate women majoring in STEM at Washington universities or colleges. Since then, over $175,000 in scholarships has been awarded. Recipients were selected based on academic excellence, financial need, motivation to pursue a science-based career, and a record of giving back to their communities.

awis 2018 award winners group photo
2018 AWIS Scholarship winners and donors
Back Row: Miranda Taggart, Karen De Jongh, Melissa Conerly, Grace Sullivan, Jessica Pearson, Camille Zaug, Megan Pearson, Miwako Ito, Veronica Smith, Natalie Hamrick
Front Row: Steve Gilbert, Fran Solomon, Janice Camp, Katelyn Tozer
A picture of Grace Sullivan and Karen De Jongh
Grace Sullivan and Karen De Jongh

Each of the 2018 winners is an inspiring example of commitment to a career in STEM. Read more about each of the winners!

Past winners – where are they now?

The scholarship committee has kept in touch with some past recipients and has found out that they are indeed achieving their goals. In chronological order, here are the educational and career updates on several previous awardees:

Kelly Toy (1993), Shellfish Program Manager: Kelly earned B.S. and MS degrees in fish biology from the University of Washington and now works for the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe as their shellfish program manager. She manages the tribe’s shellfish resources, including harvest, habitat assessment, and enhancement.

Kathryn (Kathy) Curry (1994), Senior Environmental Planner and Wetland Biologist: Shortly after receiving her scholarship, Kathy was selected to study aquatic resource management at Deacon university in Australia. She earned her B.S. in environmental science at Western Washington University and worked for nine months at the Watershed Company, an environmental consulting firm. There she became a Certified Wetland Scientist. About six years ago, she became the senior environmental planner and wetland biologist for the City of Sammamish. As part of her ongoing education efforts, she recently completed her Master of Public Administration degree at the University of Washington.

Mary Vail (1994), Research fellow: After earning a B.S. degree in cellular biology and a Ph.D. in molecular biology at the University of Washington, Mary was employed by the Science Education Partnership at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research center, first as a program manager and then as associate director. She moved to Australia in 2005, where she has since worked as a research fellow in the biochemistry department at Monash University.

Cynthia Walcker (1997), Environmental Scientist: After earning a B.S. degree in biology from the University of Washington in 1999, Cynthia worked for environmental consulting firms and a nonprofit organization. She is currently an Environmental scientists in the Water Quality Program of the Washington Department of Ecology’s northwest Regional office.

Juliane Gust (2002), M.S./Ph.D. Student: Juliane is a student in the medical scientist Training Program at UW. After completing medical school and her Ph.D. in neurobiology, she will move onto residency and a career in academic medicine.

Abigail Plawman (2002), Family Medicine Physician: After receiving her scholarship and graduating from UW, Abigail spent several years performing in vitro and in vivo research on cardiac fibrosis in mice. She then went to medical school at UW and also completed her residency there in family medicine. She is now practicing family medicine in Seattle.

Jaymie Rennert (2002), Veterinarian: After graduating from Western Washington University, Jaymie earned a D.V.M. degree at Washington state University. She currently practices small-animal medicine at the Frontier Village Veterinary Clinic in the City of Lake Stevens.

Euneka Robinson (2004), Transportation Engineer: After earning her B.S. in civil engineering with an emphasis on transportation engineering, Euneka went to work for the Washington state Department of transportation while simultaneously attending graduate school at UW to earn a M.S in 2007. She works for the Traffic Signals Operations Group in Shoreline.

Shujun (June) Peng 2006), Medical School: June graduated summa cum laude from the University of Washington in 2008, with a B.S. in chemistry and biochemistry and a minor in mathematics. She received College Honors and the President’s medal. She is a medical school at the Johns Hopkins University School of medicine.

Sarah Goldenkranz (2006), Research Manager: After working in Zimbabwe researching HIV-associated dementia, Sarah lived in Israel and earned a master’s degree in international public health. She works as a research manager at the Center for health Training in Seattle.

Sharmila Pal (2007), Ph.D. Student: Sharmila Pal graduated from UW with a B.S. in oceanography in December 2008, completed internships at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the Smithsonian Institution, and traveled in Africa. She is now a graduate student in marine chemistry at the University of South Carolina.

Jeannie K.. Nguyen (2007), MD/MPH Student: Jeannie is a medical student at UW, where she is pursuing both an MD and MPH in global health.

April Hunziker, Medical Student: Upon graduating from the University of Washington in June 2008, April received the Erling J. Ordal Award for research in microbiology. She then completed a year-long Emerging Infectious Diseases laboratory Training Fellowship sponsored by the centers for Disease Control and Infection. She is now at the UW School of medicine and plans to pursue a career in primary medical care.

Preethi Raghu (2008), Medical Student: After graduating from the UW in 2009, Preethi worked at the Starlight Children’s foundation while continuing to do research. She is now a medical student at UW with the goal of becoming a pediatric neurologist.

Vida Ahyong (2008), Graduate Student: Vida earned a B.S. in microbiology and biochemistry from UW and is now a graduate student in the tetrad program (biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, and developmental biology) at the University of California, San Francisco.

2015 Scholarship Winners

picture of previous Seattle AWIS scholarship winners